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Twitter Peep Show

May 18, 2009 1 comment

peeps(image via)

Among the many reasons I love Twitter is the fact that it delivers tasty little tidbits of other people’s lives to my inbox in real time.  This has made me something of a social media voyeur, I confess.   What can I tell you — there are a ton of fascinating people are out there twittering. Not only celebrities, by the way. I’m talking about normal professional joes like you and me. These are people who happen to have greatly interesting thing to say, and rich and robust personal lives to boot.  I’ll introduce you to some of them in future posts (unless you’re already on Twitter in which case you probably already know them). Meanwhile — I know she’s a celebrity — but really, you need to take a peek into the spectacularly spectacular life of Dita VonTeese. Oh, Dita, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
1. You seem to be writing your own tweets.

2. You tweet regularly.

3. You tweet about things like Swarovski pasties, hotel balconies in Cannes and costume fittings with someone named Mr. Pearl.dvt          















So the next time that cranky colleague or client of yours gets all “Who cares about Twitter and what someone had for breakfast” on you,  just send ’em Dita’s way.  Guess what? If you follow the right people, even breakfast can be interesting.   




 Now that’s tasty.