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From the “What The…?” Files

February 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Heineken, you are mighty lucky John Turturro is who he is because he is SELLING this silliness.  I have a very good sense of humor — really I do — but I don’t see what his mad soliloquy has to do with beer. I know I’m not the target (though as I’ve said many times, stamping feet, girls drink beer too), but I’m guessing even the target is confused by this ad. At least, the big Russian target lounging on the sofa in my TV room (a.k.a. my husband) who mused aloud upon watching, “What egg-zecktly is Heineken compass to? To headache?”

More on the “Give Yourself a Good Name” campaign here at msnbc. This was only part 1 of a multi-phased campaign (part 2 aired on the Super Bowl) and am curious to see how Heineken connects the dots from “destinating your destination” and so forth to “giving yourself a good name.”

Side note that I continue to be tickled by beer advertising that doesn’t talk about taste.  (Taste as in — mmmmmm — not taste as in — lack of.)

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