Let’s get this out of the way: Pepperidge Farm is our client. We’re quite fond of them. It’s a beautiful thing working in an office where boxes of Milanos and Tim Tams literally line the hallways, I mean really – what’s not to love? Plus — they’re nice. They don’t make us cry (eh-hem.)

So we were bursting with pride and excitement to see in  The Official White House Photostream that oh my goodness, President Obama snacks on Pepperidge Farm crackers. In moderation, of course, which we’ve come to expect from this disciplined and fit Commander-in-Chief. Has portion control ever been so artfully arranged, so elegant, so…commanderly??

Needless to say, the DeVries twitter critters (thx to my pal Jodi Balkan at BOLD PR for that coinage) sprang into action, tweeting and retweeting like fiends about the presidential snack (with full disclosure, don’t worry.)

For me, it came as a welcome distraction amidst gloom-and-doom pandemic news and other more mundane stresses (deadlines, neglected gym memberships, unreturned phone calls, etc.) Dare I say, I was inspired. Inspired by a White House brave enough to post behind the scenes images on Flickr. By the many new connections and colleagues I’ve discovered thanks to Twitter, and how it transforms how we do PR every single day. By the artful elegance of a plate of carrots, cheese, fruit and — yes — Pepperidge Farm crackers, a snack fit for a president and one that anyone can enjoy.

(Oh, and by the way, that’s not shilling or pimping, that’s me remembering that moderation can be a good thing and that perhaps I should rethink my afternoon iced mocha latte/peanut M&M ritual.)

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