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(Really) Smart Catering

February 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So word around the office was that we had a new caterer coming in to do a tasting and would I mind stopping by to check it out. While a tasting might sound lavish and fun, when you’re knee-deep in new business hooplah it feels a bit more like a distraction than a treat.  Also, it’s been many a moon since I personally vetted any caterers for the events we do for clients, so I thought it best to leave this one in the capable hands of the DeVries troops. 

But so many people nagged me that I put down my hummus and Scandinavian flatbread (yet another glamorous lunch in front of my HP L19050) and schlepped down the hall to the conference room to see what all the fuss was about.

And was greeted with this:









And this:







Trust me when I say, these pictures don’t do the food justice.  I’ve never attended a tasting this impeccably presented, nor this insanely delicious (organic veggie sushi you would die, repeat, die over.)  Oh, with a Buddha statue worked into the display.

I almost hesitate to reveal who the caterer is because I’d much rather it stay our agency’s little secret — but these guys are too great not to promote. 

So behold the genius of Smart Catering.  And they are quite literally smart. They’ve invented a new catering model that outsources all the culinary work to chefs and restaurants that are best at what they do.  No more catering menus that do sushi or dessert quasi-well…Smart Catering gives you sushi from Megu, cupcakes from Magnolia and pastries from Payard. And pull it all together with an exquisite taste level and — refreshing — flexibility on price.  I see many happy event partnerships in the future with this company.

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