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How Not to Worry

February 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

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As my latest Facebook status updates indicates, I am officially freaking out about the economy.  I also realize it’s not my personal rainstorm and there are people in this country who are really and truly hurting so frankly,  I should shut my piehole.

But.  Fear is relative and has a way of poisoning everything. I was cuddling with my son on the sofa this morning before taking off for work and instead of just enjoying the moment, my mind was racing ahead to some dystopian future in which our economy has completely collapsed and we’re all wandering through a blighted landscape fighting off zombies and eating twigs to survive (am not sure what the connection is between economic collapse and zombies, but the image kind of felt right.)

So at the risk of sounding like some “check-out enlightenment” Oprah follower, let me offer this piece of wisdom from the Tao (as relayed by wealth manager and author Paul H. Sutherland in this month’s Spirituality and Health magazine):

Stop thinking and end your problems.

I really, really, really need to stop thinking.  It leads to no good.  Thinking means I’m not doing. I need to stay focused on doing  good work and get into action to resolve the stuff that’s keeping me up nights (whether personal or professional).

More good stuff from Sutherland (though if painful introspection isn’t your thing, you might want to skip ahead):

Our institutions have lost their connection to sustainability, ethics, virtue and common sense.  Our institutions are ‘us’ and so the issues that are epidemic in our economy — excess debts, doing less than paid for, indifference and a feeling of entitlement or gain without effort — trickle up to be the way our institutions work…or don’t work.

“Our institutions are us,” ouch.  OK, I may not be guilty of expecting gain without effort (I bust my hump at the office) but I’d be lying to imply I haven’t exhibited a sense of entitlement at times or frankly, been less than mindful about finances.

SO.  Stop thinking. Start doing. Get into action.  Be grateful.

(And quit worrying about the zombies.)

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