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Like many of you, I belong to a motley assortment of Facebook groups.  I am a fan of this and a fan of that and I always oblige friends who invite me to join their causes (is it any skin of my back?  Of course not) — but other than the group I started up this week to rally my former high school classmates for our 25th year reunion (go lions!!!), I’m really not an active Facebook Groupie.

However, I proudly joined the “Fans of Captain C. B. Sully Sullenberger” group right after the heroic US Airways water landing because, could I not? The man is a genuine hero, and I want to be his Friend.  It’s a very intimate group, there are only  539,000 of us.  And guess what?  Sully sent us a note this morning!! Well…sort of.  This via a “family spokesperson” — 

Captain Sullenberger asked me to pass along this message to you and all his Facebook fans: “While I don’t use Facebook, my daughters do, and they showed me this page. Thank you so much for your amazing outpouring of support. I’ll be in touch again soon. – Sully”

Sully will be in touch soon!  I can’t wait!  And how sweet and touching and Dad-esque that he needed his daughters to show him how to work this Facebook thing.  And how sweet and touching (pathetic?) it is how little it takes to keep FB group members engaged and excited, provided of course they are part of a community that actually means something to them.

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