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Smooth. Energizing. Satisfying.

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Oh how I’m sweatin’ Chimes Ginger Chews.  I love ginger candy but somehow never found my way to these delicious, spicy, chewy treats until a month ago — just look at this tin.  I love everything about it — old-timey yet modern, familiar in an apothecary sort of way yet exotic dare I say mysterious (note the Buddha-like face peering out from behind the brand logo).  I have it sitting on my desk and it never fails to elicit praise.

Beautiful! And tasty. Buy them at smallflower.com.

Beautiful! And tasty. Buy them at smallflower.com.

Good scoop on the strategy behind the package design here.

I also love the three-word tagline (see post title.)  Was admiring another three-word tag earlier today from these guys:


Taste. Luxury. Humor.

Perfection. The essence of the Barneys brand.  Perhaps we need one for DeVries.  Let’s see…we could focus on what our output is…

DeVries Public Relations/Buzz. Opinion. Conversations.

Or how we do what we do…

DeVries Public Relations/Creativity. Insight. Strategy.

Or just toss all relevance to the wind, take a DaDa approach, and sneak in the Chimes Ginger Chews tagline:

DeVries Public Relations/Smooth. Energizing. Satisfying.

I’ll go with option #3.

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