Back in Business!

January 23, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Blog Confessional.  I’ve been in a rut.  Since the holiday– Xmas, by the way, not Martin Luther King Day.  Practically a month, in other words. I don’t mean to say I haven’t been getting work done, of course I have.  But until this morning, there’s been no…creative mojo.  No inspiration.

Meanwhile, the January to-do list was rapidly expanding. Lots on the plate — Big Brain stuff — from new business to current client work to agency leadership matters (billing philosophy, recessionary strategies, global capabilities…stuff like that.)  No amount of group brainstorming, blog-wandering or competition-scanning could shake me out of my doldrums.  Not even go-to inspiration sources like Communication Arts and Monocle were doing the trick.

So finding this post at the Duarte blog today was good timing. (I’ve posted previously about Nancy Duarte’s slide: ology; great book about presentation creation, equally great blog.)  So the blog post is a three-parter on how to craft a presentation “story” with humble tools like index cards and Sharpies.   Maybe because I have a Sharpie fetish (fine point), maybe because I scaled academic heights in college using an index card-based research methodology (really)…whatever the reason, a light switched on and suddenly I was back in business (cue jazz hands!)

We loves it! The Precious!

We loves it! The Precious!

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If you need me, you’ll find me hunched at my desk behind stacks of index cards covered with manic phrases and sketches, scribbling with my beloved Sharpie about parenting and snack crackers, the difference between leading and producing in a professional service firm, or the true meaning of fresh breath.

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