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Yes They Did

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

As we all know by now, yesterday’s emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 has been dubbed “Miracle on the Hudson.”  Which was bugging me, and I couldn’t put it into words until I saw it perfectly expressed in a comment on the NY Times “City Room” blog (thank you, person posting as “Vidiot”): 

“Miracle? I don’t know about that. The successful outcome was due to skill, practice, training, experience, and education, not supernatural forces. If you want to chalk it up to luck or Providence or what-have-you, fine, but an experienced, skillful pilot saved the day.”

Absolutely.  Not to mention what I assume must have been the calm, selflessness and teamwork of everyone on that plane — the rest of the crew, the passengers (including a woman holding an infant!) and of course, the amazing response of the ferry operators, Circle Line tour boats, NYPD and Coast Guard.

I told my (almost) 6-year old son about what had happened, being careful not to say anything that would instill in him a lifelong fear of flying, rivers or Canadian geese…tried to use it as a teaching opportunity about teamwork and cooperation.  Which didn’t quite penetrate, but what did make an impression was the image of Coast Guard helicopters coming to the rescue…which will now undoubtedly be re-enacted with the aid of any number of Lego toys in our TV room for the next few weeks.

Miracle or whatever we call it…my faith in humanity is restored (for the moment.)  Yes we can…and yes they did!

Speaking of which…happy holiday weekend and happy Inauguration Day to one and all.

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