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Girls Drink Beer, Too

January 13, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m an infographic junkie and eagerly await information aesthetics blog updates from My Yahoo reader — a recent post showcases the Goldstar beer  “Thank God You’re a Man” campaign that doesn’t resemble any beer advertising I’ve ever seen.  It’s visually stunning and makes me laugh despite myself.  Move over, Mars and Venus, there’s a new “love it or hate it” view on gender differences in town.


via infosthetics. Also check out adsoftheworld for more campaign images.

The only thing I remotely object to here is the assumption that girls only drink green apple martinis.  (Swap that out for the beer icon and you’ve just mapped my 20s and early 30s.)  I pride myself on knowing a little something about beer but confess, I’ve never had a Goldstar.  So I have no idea how well they compete on flavor or if they even care.  Am guessing not.  What they’ve certainly succeeded at doing is putting an inventive spin on the “babes and brew” conversation Big Beer has been having for decades.

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