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Happy New Year

Have been so embarrassed at not posting since November 17th that I considered just starting up a whole new blog under a new title and merrily starting from scratch with more posting discipline.  But “PR Mama” is an awfully apt title so better to just man up and get back on the blog horse.  So new year, new look (never liked that brown template much) and one big resolution:  Replace unwholesome thoughts with wholesome thoughts.  That’s courtesy of Lillie-Kae, the spectacular Vinyasa flow yoga instructor in whose class I fell on my face during the dolphin pose last week.


Peacock pose, inverted Dolphin pose…whatever.  It’s hard.

(Via fitsugar)

I digress. Lillie-Kae wasn’t being pollyanna-ish.  We’re not talking wholesome as in “family values, rated G” wholesome.  Just the simple act of reframing negative thoughts positively.  What a concept. 

Who knows.  Could transform a client relationship.  Or a marriage.

Speaking of which, run — don’t walk — to your local multiplex to see Revolutionary Road.  I am but one lowly voice in the soaring chorus of praise that’s been heaped on this film already.  If you’re married, I promise you, you will come out of this movie thinking about your relationship differently. Married or not, you’ll be blown away by Kate and Leo’s performances, neither of which has a false note in it.  Not to mention the supporting cast.  Brilliant.  Hauntingly, heart-wrenchingly brilliant.


Kate and Leo as the Wheelers in Revolutionary Road. Girl crush alert. (photo by Francois Duhamel via AP.)

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