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Growing Pains

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On vacation in the Catskills.  Spectacular clear day, crystalline blue sky with one perfect cirrus cloud hovering above the treeline (mare’s tail — what a great name for a cloud.  Interesting they decided not to call it a stallion’s tail.) My five-year old is passed out in the TV room recliner — am looking at him now, wedged into a chair that one year ago he could have curled into for a nap like a cat.  Now he’s all arms and legs, overflowing that chair the same way he’s outgrown all his PJs.  He announced very matter-of-factly yesterday that his tooth was loose.  He’s a storyteller and has been announcing loose teeth ever since he first heard about the Tooth Fairy two years ago…but this time was the real deal.  And there was the big boy tooth coming in right behind…too fast.  Way too fast.  Today, big boy teeth.  Tomorrow, puberty and the keys to the car. 

So fellow moms, what are teeth going for these days?  My last transaction with the Tooth Fairy was about thirty years ago and back then, I believe it was a quarter.  What we do now?  A buck?  Five?  A Nintendo DS game cartridge?  Suggestions welcome.  Also, any advice for keeping my heart from exploding every time we hit a new developmental milestone?

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  1. francine gingras
    September 12, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    the first tooth is a dollar, the second 2, third 3……..you will never go broke this way!

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