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Moments of Wonder, Part III

Once in while something happens that reminds me that I do in fact have faith in humanity, that people are inherently good not evil, and that misanthropy is only attractive on TV (paging Dr. House.)  A rainbow triggered this thought.  Not just any rainbow — an insane, turbo-charged, larger than life rainbow that for about 15 minutes last Sunday night transformed a bunch of motorists on the NYS Thruway into awestruck little kids.  This picture doesn’t come close to doing it justice, but there it is:

Drivers were peeling off the highway one after another — some to snap pictures, others just to stare.  My son was drowsy in the back seat and wasn’t particularly interested but it didn’t matter — the two 40-somethings in the front seat were on cloud nine.

Remember the old “People are Good” ebay ads?  No rainbows in that campaign, but I think they were on to something.  What do you think?

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  1. YogaLP
    August 8, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    I love how you called this a “moment of wonder” – I find myself looking for them proactively and being regularly disappointed. And then something like an unexpected, fabulous rainbow comes along and your heart stops just for a moment (in a good way…) and you feel lucky just to be. Makes me happy. Thanks for sharing. Namaste.

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