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Real World Anxiety

By the time online dating really hit its stride, I was already old and married.  I had navigated my single life without digital back-up, which in Manhattan is interesting, boy-girl ratios being what they are.  This whole thing of meeting people online, clicking, then doing the offline meeting thing is still foreign to me — even when potential romance or at least a little slap-and-tickle (wink wink) AREN’T the objective.

So I confess, I was a little nervous when I learned that my new blog pal Claire was coming to town with her family (check out Agent Zoey and the cool kids’ clothing boutique she runs in Portland here) — of course I wanted to get together for coffee, but had to deal with this flood of adolescent anxiety about what kind of offline impression I’d make. I’m very self-confident normally but this shift from mutual blogging admiration society to potentially real-world friendship was a whole new gig for me. Long story short — meeting was great, Claire and her family turn out to be not just cool in that Cookie magazine sort of way, but genuinely nice, interesting and interested people.  

(Not Claire of course, but you get the picture.)

So adolescent anxiety subsided, lattes and tea were consumed, useful and fun professional networking ensued…no one got hurt.  And the Pacific Northwest section of my “really cool people I’d like to hang with more” list just got two people longer.

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  1. Stephanie Figura
    July 21, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    Consider yourself lucky that you never had to experience the whole online dating world! While I did have a certain level of success on there, I have found that the best way to meet the ‘one’ is through good ‘ole WOM! But it did leave me with the best dating stories ever! :o)

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