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PR Mama Meets the Obama Llama

What is it about Barack Obama and llamas? I get it, Obama rhymes with llama. But goodness, the chatter!  There’s the “Llamas for Obama” post by Sam Graham-Felsen about an actual llama (well, his handler really) who was out showing its support for the candidate in Iowa — photos of said llama made the rounds including this one in which s/he cozies right up the candidate (along with a supporter sporting a suspiciously counterfeit looking Chanel bag).

(via ochairball)

Security!! There could be weapons in that bag….or on the llama itself.  Clearly no one was worried about furry creatures being used as explosives which means Obama’s security detail is either unaware of lesser-known WWII military tactics or were  in the dark because “Wanted” hadn’t come out yet.


And this, of course (via Digg.)  Am not quite making the leap from name-rhyming-with-llama to world domination but I won’t spoil the fun.  

However, this is a PR not a political blog so allow me to share how Obama Llamas have entered my professional life.  Sometimes random new business calls come in through our main switchboard and this one happened to get past my assistant directly to me.  I knew I was in for it when the caller asked if he was speaking to “DeVry” (we’re pronounced “De-Vreeez” and have been for 30 years, but no worries, it’s fun to be confused with the storied Technical Institute) and proceeded to share that he was looking for national PR support for an interesting new product he was launching. 

He then directed me to a website where I was greeted with this:

Now THAT is spectacular.  I thought at first I was being punk’d — if there were such a thing as punking PR people. But the site is seemingly for real and dare I say, earnest? This is no ordinary fundraising effort, it seems they want to help counter smears on Obama’s character by more overtly equating him with the Dalai (er) Lama. What better way to achieve this noble objective than to add an L and create a cuddly llama toy complete with its own “fun campaign button?” Sadly, the Obama Llama creators don’t quite fit our client profile; however, I am delighted to link to their website here so you too can experience the joy.

  1. July 8, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    That frickin’ cracks me up! …and more power to the dear

  2. July 9, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Save the drama for your Obama llama!

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