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Brownies, Babes and Aspirational Marketing

Professional Me spends lots of time helping create cultural conversations about (and consumer engagement with) the brands my clients market. Since I’m savvy about PR and advertising, Private Me usually feels pretty immune to — or at the very least, hyper-conscious of — the power of integrated marketing communications.

But once in a while, I find myself caught in the crosshairs of some marketer’s evil genius and I can’t help responding. Against my will, of course, because I know better. But I admit it: I am 100% the target the sponsors of TVLand’s “She’s Got the Look” are trying to reach. I can’t help it. I love, love, love watching knock-outs in their 40s and 50s strutting their stuff. And wouldn’t you know, I caught myself thinking the other night, if Jenny Craig can help me look like those chicks, shouldn’t I rethink that brand…? (At which point Professional Me smacked Private Me down for my gullibilty and got another brownie from the kitchen.)

Yes, she’s a bit snooty but I’m rooting for Bahia. Finale on July 9th.

(via yahoo)

I only wish the show’s creators weren’t aping “America’s Next Top Model” quite so closely — it’s not that I think “ANTM” contestants are mindless and shallow, I’m sure they’re not (mostly) — but they’re kinda edited to look that way. Also, IMHO there are more interesting stories to be told by women with four or five decades of living under their belts who, by the way, are also drop-dead gorgeous. “SGTL” has been picked up for a second season, let’s hope there’s as much focus on these contenders’ stories as there is on their spectacular exteriors.

Speaking of aspiration and older chicks, do you know who this 41-year old is?

via nytimes

That’s Dara Torres, one of the world’s greatest competitive swimmers, and she just made the Olympic team…for the FIFTH time. For more on Torres, check out this NYTimes magazine profile and this piece by Karen Crouse from today’s Times sports section.

Hmmm. Now that might be enough to make me put down the brownie.

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