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Moments of Wonder

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Weekend dispatch from our little place in the Catskills… 

Friday, late:  Can’t sleep, house is silent. Husband, son and dog all fast asleep.  No sound except  bedroom fan and chorus of crickets outside. Pad downstairs in darkness,  peer out back door (checking for monsters and marauding bears).  See what at first seems like weirdly unseasonable meteor shower — can’t figure out why all that flashing in the sky. Realize that woods at bottom of our yard are full to the treetops of blinking fireflies, that the meteor shower is actually their light show merging with the dense carpet of stars in the crystal-clear night sky. 

Saturday, mid-day:  At lake with husband and son. Water so cold it penetrates to the bone and takes your breath away.  Brave our way out to the diving float, take turns jumping in and catching our five-year old who is nervous about taking the 3-foot plunge into the dark water.  After a few tentative jumps into our arms, he’s running at top speed and hurling himself through the air, over our heads — each time pushing faster, farther, higher — making it from water to dock without any help from either of us.

Saturday, after dinner:  Son asleep, on back porch with husband playing with the telescope and enjoying beers by the light (and scent) of citronella candles.  Motion-activated lights switch on around corner, I step off porch to investigate (monsters and bears).  Realize intruder is a beautiful white-tailed doe.  I freeze, she freezes.  Plants those huge dark eyes on me and doesn’t move a muscle for what seems like forever.  Then, delicately and deliberately as a ballerina stepping on pointe, she picks her way lightly into the woods and is gone. 

What do fireflies, deer and a child leaping off a dock have in common?  For me, each moment took my breath away.  And made me realize, the day I lose the capacity to feel a sense of wonder or joy at the sight of a firefly or the fragile beauty of a deer or my son’s glee at just living life is the day I sign myself up for some serious inspiration rehab — because if I can’t find inspiration and wonder in the seemingly ordinary details of my own life, how can I generate it for my clients and their brands?

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  1. YogaLP
    June 11, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    I too have recently wondered how to recapture the joy of a five-year old. As my yoga instructor recently said, while telling the 50+ person sweaty, annoyed class as we entered into dead-body pose “relax, let go, and pretend you don’t have a title or a care in the world, in fact, think back to when you were five and couldn’t WAIT to see what the next hour brought you, let alone the next day, the next week.” Rather, I try to avoid thinking about the next hour, next day, next week. I know what it brings, and typically it’s not joy. Time to reframe!!

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