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PR Buzz that’s Out of This World

Source: Disney (originally uploaded by Daniel Terdiman)

There are certain PR “truths” that one hears in this biz solemnly declared as gospel, e.g. “Oprah is impossible to get on without a celebrity spokesperson” or “Being a big advertiser in [insert magazine of your choice] doesn’t guarantee you lots of editorial coverage” or “It’s impossible to get branded exposure anymore by doing Today show window stunts.”  This stuff gets drilled into your head when you’re coming up through the PR ranks and one day your find yourself, jaded and gray, using one of these truths to crush the enthusiastic ideation of some bright young AE during an agency brainstorm.  

[whispered aside: you do realize that NONE of these statements are true, right?  Just checking.]

Well, shame on me because another one of these truths I’ve spouted in many a meeting is that you can’t touch NASA for PR stunts — you know, be the first lipstick launched in space by having the space shuttle crew wear it, that kind of stuff?  Well, look who’s partnered with NASA to help launch a new Disney theme park attraction — none other than Buzz Lightyear

Is the lesson here, never say never?  Or, more cynically, that PR pros should seek government agencies who have lost all relevance and are desperate to reclaim their share of the collective popular consciousness when contemplating PR stunt partnerships?  Or, more probably, if you’re Disney/Pixar you can do whatever the hell you want?

You be the judge. 

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