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How to Get Ahead in Business: Marry Yourself

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A Flickr user by the name of “Charm and Poise” regularly uploads fascinating and utterly fabulous scans of vintage ephemera — ranging from cookbooks to linoleum ads to beauty self-help guides. They tend to date from 50s, 60s and 70s so for a “born too late” vintage junkie like myself, each photostream update is like a little trip to nirvana. “C and P” has a whole bunch of covers from an Amy Vanderbilt “Success Program for Women” (1964) that are priceless. Perhaps someone could do a revised edition on this particular one and call it “How to Help Your  WIFE Get Ahead”…a-hem? 

Though I have no right to complain, married as I am to an amazing man who does in fact help me get ahead (if indeed where I am at the moment is “ahead”) by caring for our son, household, bills, garden and incontinent dog.  He even cooks Russian food (borscht you wouldn’t believe) and picks up my drycleaning.  I’m not being smug about this, I’m truly giving thanks — publicly.  A very smart and senior (female) beauty industry executive responded once when asked how she did it all: “Great husband, great nanny, great assistant.”  Now, you may have one or two or if you are spectacularly lucky, all three of those things but I suspect most women in the Sisterhood of Working Moms do not.  And while I count my domestic blessings, I send karmic wishes to all of you working moms out there for either a) your own stay-at-home husband or at the very least, a husband who participates actively in the running of your household or b) a cloned version of yourself to help you get through your harried days with the grace and efficiency that undoubtedly you uniquely posess. 

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